Look into my eyes

They say the eyes are the window to your soul. And it would seem when embarking on the art of flirting, my eyes are going to play a key part in helping me win over the opposite sex.

We apparently all have appealing features when it comes to making an instant impression, whether it be a nice smile, great cheekbones, great teeth, long legs, a pert butt, shiny hair or a good decolletage.

After a brief assessment from my Love Coach, it would seem that my eyes are my best feature but I’ve not been making the most of them. Apparently, my décolletage has also been hiding under a bushel, so I’m now under orders to make them both shine.

Despite my efforts of wearing make-up everyday, it would seem that my light-touch look is not going to win the men over. I need to master the art of smokey eyes if I’m to truly turn heads.

So last week, under the guidance of my Love Coach, we went on an outing to the Selfridges make-up section.

And to be fair, Julia was right to insist on taking me along, because I would’ve played it safe.

As we walked in, she expertly guided me away from my new natural make-up friend Bobbi Brown to one that is simply drama, drama, drama! I must confess as we rounded the corner to Illamasqua (I always thought it was called Ill-Mascara!) I was kind of scared. I mean – they offer courses called embrace colour” (please just click on the link and you’ll understand why I was slightly concerned!)

Julia then managed to select the most flamboyant make-up artist, a striking gay man, wearing tight jeans and heels higher than mine, who took to his mission to “smokey eye me up” with gusto.

I feared the worst and thought I’d end up with fake lashes and glitter everywhere, But he was very patient, working on one side of my face and letting me practise doing it myself on the other. Don’t fret – I didn’t walk away with a lopsided face – he expertly fixed all the dodgey work I contributed to his masterpiece – and voila, I was ready to roll. I wasn’t sold on the pink 80s lipstick (the photo doesn’t do the brightness of it justice) but he’d certainly brought the scaffolding in and enhanced my face.

Viola - the finished product
Viola – the finished product

Not sure how I’ll ever master it on my own – but they say practise makes perfect.

So armed with my new face Julia and I began walking (insert strutting) the streets of London.

And I was tasked with trying to make eye contact with as many men as possible – no matter how young or old. I had to stare them out until they looked back and then offer them a cheeky smile.

Now the problem was that we were walking along the Edgware Rd and it happened to coincide with sun down and also the celebration of Eid-al-Adha. So not only were most men out with their families to celebrate, but they were in search of another kind of meat – cow, sheep or goat – not the female variety!

So while our mini glare-off got off to a bit of a false start I’ve been dutifully trying harder to notice men and to catch their eyes. Not in a stalker, harassing kind of way, but just paying more attention when I’m out in public, putting my phone down when I’m waiting for a friend and trying to catch people’s gaze and watch how they interact with me.

And I must say, so far I’ve only had positive reactions. I’ve never had so many smiles and I even turned a glance into a smile and then into a conversation with a bartender who ended up giving me a super large glasses of wine for the price of a small. It may not sound much, but in my books every little bit helps!

And don’t get me wrong, when you start really watching people (and I thought I was a great people-watcher in the past) you really notice how many people just don’t pay attention. They’re too busy on their phones or away with the i-tunes fairies or they’re just in a rush. But there is something kind of rewarding about being able to clock someone, lock eyes and exchange a smile, particularly in all the hustle bustle of this great city. Even if it’s just for a few seconds or a moment.

So ladies (and any chaps reading this), I encourage you to try it, with or without smokey eyes. Challenge yourself to one or two a day, on the tube, the bus, or walking down the street and let me know how you get on! I’d love to hear your responses.


12 thoughts on “Look into my eyes

  1. Smokin’! Or smokey even. Every time you write about smokey eye I laugh. It is my holy grail. But I love the idea of engaging more with folk around you. Phone is staying in my bag more from now on (even if it is just to get bigger glasses of wine). Love your work, Toy xx

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  2. Wow Natalie what a difference the right make up makes, and great blog, enjoy keeping up with love in the slow lane, and great job Julie…


  3. You look amazing Nat! I’ve been reading your blog since last night in an effort to ‘research’ for my own impending blog and I must say that it is quite brilliant. I am so moved and inspired by you! Thank you gorgeous lady. Keep up the good work


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